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How to download photos, pictures, story, video from Instagram?

Simple way to download and save Photos and Videos or Stories. For Downloading Instagram Photos and Video simply enter Instagram username or media link and go.
  • Very simple media download
  • Downloading the highest quality media
  • Do not install anything on your device
When to use
  • Share in instant messengers or social networks
  • Viewing user Instagram anonymous
  • Downloading recent user stories

How many times, when browsing Instagram, you’ve stumbled upon photos, videos or stories you really liked? Something moving, really relatable, funny, impressive? Instagram is an endless source of great media content. So it’s no wonder if from time to time, you want to make sure a video or a picture is always there for you to enjoy or share with friends. Unfortunately, due to its content policy, Instagram doesn’t make it easy for users to download media files. Of course, you could ask this user or another to send their videos or pictures to you via email. But considering the amount of great media content on Instagram, it would be extremely inconvenient to do that every time you find something you really like. There is an option of making a page screenshot, but it’s most likely it won’t be a high quality picture – and it definitely won’t work with videos or stories.

SocSave offers a great opportunity to download videos and pictures from Instagram accounts and account stories easily and effortlessly. There is no need to waste a lot of time, no need to download any additional software. Just post a link to an appropriate video or picture – and it’s as good as saved! You can also post a username to view all content posted on a user’s account and choose media files for downloading.