What to write on Instagram?

What to write on Instagram?

There are many latent and outspoken graphomans on Instagram, everyone writes and wants global recognition. And it does not exist. Posts don’t have enough likes, coverage falls down, hands tried to write. Where to find the golden theme that excites interest for people? Prelude is over, let's start with the classics!


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Target audience.

There are no universal pills and themes, there are topics that come to your audience. If you have girls under 16 years old, they are not interested in reading about cucumber seedlings, really not. But there are topics that are relevant to the majority and they are based on human needs. Come in best but again based on your target.


Themes about sex, juicy details - the public love it, the public is waiting for it. To a greater extent, this is about the visual but in the texts, it may also work. This does not mean that you need to describe the bed scenes, you just can get spicy words or stories.

Private life.

People secretly love to rummage in the life of your favorite blogger. “Kira, and who is your husband?”, “How much do you earn?”, “Do you believe in God?”. Often life itself is boring and if there is a scandal somewhere, human nature is unable to resist it.

Religion / Politics / Opinion about a sensational news.

These topics are dangerous but they are set if you get into your public. Moreover, the strength of these themes is also in the fact that you can get into the “+” or “-”. Some bloggers are not shy to provoke people into negative for the sake of HYIP.


Of course, there is no way without it. Everyone needs money. How to earn them, where to get it? All your favorite stories of success or failure. How to use them, how not to squander them? Scary stories about the loss of money are also in demand for chilling soul.