Structure of the selling post

Structure of the selling post

A selling text should have a goal - to get a subscriber /call /request /comment, etc. No goal, then such text will not work. The text is hard to read. About the design (how to divide into paragraphs, and how to make the text not move out to insta (the most common question, damn it), we will talk separately. For now, just accept that it is important. It should be easy and interesting. If you yourself are sick to read yourself again, what do you want from subscribers? Write in such a way that you want to re-read your texts from time to time. And arrange the texts normally - paragraphs, symbols, and other stuff to help you.


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Missing Offer
A person reads your text and does not understand what exactly you are proposing and what you want to tell him. How it does usually look like?

We are open!
With such statements "about anything" will close soon.

We have been working since 2009!
I’m from 2006, so what?

Individual approach, high quality, exclusive design!
Stamp on the stamp, chase stamp. In general, if your advertising message raises the question "what and what?" Go and think. And rewrite it.

No deadline
Until a person has a clear understanding of “Now or never,” he will not buy your product, and will not respond to your offer. Everyone knows the saying "until the thunderclap, the peasant does not cross", this is our mentality and it must be taken into account. Put the deadline in your offers, only today, now or never, while the goods are in stock, only until the end of April, etc.

No call to action
This mistake was done by 90% of you. A person after reading an advertisement or post, after receiving your message, simply does not understand what he needs to do in order to purchase your product. That is, you stupidly do not close the deal and he, hot, goes where he will be told what to do. This third mistake is the most critical one.

The main rule of effective advertising messages that are used by such giants as Media Markt, IKEA, Burger King, etc. Giants enjoy and you do not hesitate:
O - Offer – offer.
D - Deadline - time limit.
C - Call to action.