Story about Stories

Story about Stories

Two weeks have passed since Instagram launched the opportunity to promote Stories. Yes, like in posts, straight from your account. But like any Instagram update, it doesn’t immediately reach everyone. I share the joy of those for whom this option is already available. And for those who have not yet mastered or have not found this beauty, I will tell you now, where to look and how to use it.




First, you must have a business account and at least some kind of advertising on Facebook.

Second, no clickable stickers on promoted Stories such as geolocation, mentions, gifs, polls, etc. But links to the site, on the contrary are welcome and offered.

The covenant button is located in the same place as the Stories statistics. Open your Stories and swipe it up and click on the zigzag icon with the up arrow. Or, open the menu panel from the three vertical points at the bottom of the Stories and select the "Promote" item. Further, all by analogy with the posts promotion. We select the audience by parameters, by geolocation or automatically targeted Instagram.

Promotional coverage from story advancement is summarized with organic. That positively affects the statistics of your account and issue.

If the option is not available, update the application to the latest version. If it does not help, try logging in to your account from another device or another operating system. Sometimes it helps. Use to promote fresh materials, good quality; do not violate the copyrights of others.

Along with this update, extended Instagram Analytics statistics are being tested. There is a chance that we will soon be able to know even more about your account and its visitors. Well, another «so-so news» is the integration of Instagram and Shazam. The tracks found in Shazam now can be shared on Instagram Stories. Only here it looks like the cover, the name of the song and the inscription “More on Shazam”. Well, that is...

So to make a story with music, there is still Sound Cloud.