Instagram business card

Instagram business card

The Instagram business card is a toy or a tool for business? Recently Instagram has rolled out an update. Now you can make insta-business card. Everyone had questions: What is it? What for? And how to use it? Let's see.

Insta-business Card is like a QR code. It can be scanned using the camera and get into the profile of the business card holder. Business cards can be printed on leaflets; people can scan it and get into your account. You no longer need to explain how to spell the name of your Instagram. You just show a business card, a new friend scanned it and get subscribed.

This is an interesting tool for promoting offline. For example, you have a business forum. You can just print out a business card and forum participants will subscribe to your profile. Or you have a coffee shop. Hang a business card in a prominent place and encourage guests to subscribe to you. Or you produce handmade notebooks. Place your insta-business card on the back of the notebook. Notepad users will scan it and look at other notebooks in your profile.


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How to make such a business card?

Open your profile on the main page.
Click on the menu icon from the three bars at the top right.
Click on the “Instagram Business Card” section.
You will figure it out yourself by design, everything is simple there.

How to scan someone else’s business card?

Similarly, go to "Instagram-card".
Click the button "Scan business card"
Done, you subscribed!

S. There is a feeling that this will not go down as QR codes. Yes, it will exist but it will not be the generally accepted norm. This will be used only by the most advanced guys. A regular user will not even find this section.